Overseas Teaching 10.04.18

AUTHOR:Khenpo Tsultrim Lodrö

This kind of belief, based on the fact that the Buddha described phenomena as such, is similar to the way that we accept many findings of physicists today about the nature of the world, and how physical objects are comprised of numerous atoms, electrons and other microscopic particles. Most of us have not independently observed such things with our own eyes or examined them using the relevant instruments. Our belief in the existence of these elements of matter is based on what scientists tell us. Similarly, most of us have not engaged in a process of inference to establish the existence of these elements. Indeed, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for everybody to independently do the necessary research and arrive at that conclusion. The number of people who actually did the research and arrived at the conclusions we accept is very, very small. Nevertheless, we accept their conclusions and this is similar to the way that we are able to accept the teachings of the Buddha based on the fact of his superior wisdom.

Depicted from "Buddhism in the 21st Century - Part 25" June, Sydney, Australia