Translator’s Note

AUTHOR: Dekyi Drolma
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To many dharma friends in China, Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro is known for conducting the activity of liberating live beings for 100 consecutive days every year for the past fifteen years. This activity has attracted numerous participants over the years, Buddhists as well as non-believers, both from within and out of China. As most of the participants were lay practitioners, Khenpo felt that it would be of great benefit to them to point out a more systematic approach to practice the Dharma. Thus the lectures, given in Mandarin, began around the same time.

All the lectures so far have been compiled into ten volumes of Wisdom Light , generally arranged by timeline and printed in China. The Right View serves as an introduction to some of the cardinal doctrines that are also unique to Buddhism. It is the first English edition of part of Wisdom Light, Volume 1. That means the lectures included in this book are some of the earliest and deal with the very foundational and key Buddhist doctrines. Khenpo once said that people often consider something foundational as being elementary. But in the case of Dharma, every view, every concept, even down to every word can be explained according to four different levels of understanding. The basic view and practices can be equally profound, just a matter of how well one has trained the mind. For many years, Wisdom Light has been the guiding light to many practitioners in the Chinese communities all over Asia. Hopefully, our English-speaking dharma friends can also be benefited now with the publishing of this book. 

Dekyi Drolma, Hong Kong

June, 2015